Prospective Business Partner,                                       


   I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to provide you with information describing my freight brokerage operation. I know that you have a large selection of transportation companies to choose from and I truly appreciate this opportunity.
  At this time I would like to provide you with a brief and detailed over-view of my business, Miriam Vasquez Logistics. After ending a 29-year career as a manufacturing and transportation logistics manager for a Fortune 500 petroleum company where I managed all modes of transportation throughout the domestic US and Mexico with an annual freight spend of over one hundred fifty million dollars. I elected to focus my supply chain and logistical skills toward the development of a transportation brokerage business with emphasis on small and mid-size shippers, such as your company. Miriam Vasquez Logistics was formed in July 2004 as a sole proprietorship, licensed and bonded transportation brokerage per US Department of Transportations, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations, and National Motor Freight Traffic Associations regulatory and legal requirements. As previously stated, MV Logistics is licensed in 48 states for all modes of transportation.
  Our Mission is to aggressively address supply chain challenges that randomly plague all shippers and manufactures alike. Such challenges as, less than lead time orders, special equipment requirements, reverse logistics, and transit disruptions are only a few of many challenges negatively impacting the bottom line of small and mid-size shippers that lack the resources, manpower, and skill-sets to promptly and properly address these issues.

  Our Strategy is to provide our clients with high quality supply chain logistics through the use of certified and creditable carriers, carriers that can meet and / or exceed the service expectations of our clients. Each carrier in MV Logistics' portfolio is under continuos monitoring to insure that their business practices (safety, performance, reliability, and cost) are maintained at a level that is above the industry standards.


   Our Business Objectives, in support of the aforementioned strategies and mission statement, are:

* understanding the business needs of our clients
* providing cost effective and quality focused distribution improvement recommendations through in-depth analysis of our clients current operations
* assisting in the implementation and institutionalization of the recommended improvement processes
* providing measurable analysis and quantitative data, mapping the progress of the new processes and service relationships between the carrier and our clients
* providing our clients with comprehensive logistics information such as real-time shipment monitoring and on demand document retrieval supporting MV Logistics' on-time and in-full (OTIF) protocol.

  Though small in number MV Logistics' staff is highly skilled with in-depth background in the various modes of transportation, ranging from over-the road truck (less-than-truckload and truckload) to liquid bulk intermodal to expedited airfreight.  I am available to answer any questions and / or address any concerns you may have regarding our service and our ability to meet needs of you or your customers.

   In response to an over popular demand, MV Logistics is now offering a full business management consulting service from basic performance and efficiencies studies yielding immediate and sustainable returns to an in-depth comprehensive study and analysis to determine and summarize immediate and long term business adjustments for maximum return on capital deployed. (

   Thank you again for allowing me this opportunity as well as for taking time from your busy schedule to review this web document through its entirety. I look forward to establishing a formal business relationship between your organization and Miriam Vasquez Logistics.

   Upon request I can provide you with copies of MV Logistics' Operating Authority, License, BOC-3 (Federal Transportation Bond), Credit References, and any other additional business documents required by your organization.



Robert A. Downing